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Welcome to Living, Loving, Encouraging! My name is Noelani and I created this blog with you in mind. I want to encourage you to live a healthy, loving, and meaningful life. Growing up I always found peace in reading and writing, and to this day I still do.
Through devotionals, lifestyle, and travel tips, and featured posts; I hope to inspire you to live the life you’ve always wanted, a happy one.  This was God's plan for us when He created us. At times we may go through trials and temptations but He will see us through.

Whether it be spiritually, mentally, physically, or financially; we want to make sure that every part of our life is taken care of and nourished. With my posts, I hope to do just that. May the things you read and see feed you in every aspect. 

Enjoy this community and may you be encouraged,


Encourage-give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

Noelani is a blogger, poet, and freelance writer from Boston, MA. She has a bachelor's degree in Communications and Media Writing from Newbury College in Brookline, MA, and in the past has contributed to freelance work for bostonmagazine.com (an online magazine in Boston, MA), and Evonews.com (an online magazine in London, United Kingdom). Noelani has also written two published E-books which can be found at Barnes and Noble online. Click here for the link to her books. For questi0ns and partnerships, email Livinglovingencouraging@gmail.com.


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