Lifestyle: Products We're Raving About ( Healthy/Chemical Free/ Environmentally Friendly/ Giving Back)

In our journey of wellness and sustainable wellbeing, we also want to make sure that the products we use support our journey. Stay tuned for products and such.

$14 for a trial size bottle of dry shampoo may sound like a lot, but this product is a game changer for your gym bag. OUAI Super Dry shampoo smells amazing, saves you a wash and is cruelty free. 

Panti-liners and pads causing irritation down there? It could be the cotton. Try Cora liners and pads, made with certified organic cotton top sheets. Each product purchase provides a girl in need, period pads and health education. Cheers to giving back!

These Trader Joe Organic Hemp Seed Bar's make a healthy snack and are low in sugar. With only 8 grams of sugar per bar, you might not feel bad having two.

The box speaks for itself, and P.S. It's dairy-free. Thank you Skinny Pop

 Washcloths are nice but we suggest exfoliating the skin with "Earth Therapeutics Natural Exfoliating Hydro Towel" from Target. This exfoliation towel is cruelty-free and made from 100% Nylon. Add your favorite body wash and scrub. Your skin will thank you later.

We wrote a whole post on this... See here#MrsMeyers

Sensitive skin? We recommend trying out Gillette's Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel for Women during your next shave routine. This shave gel is lightly scented, glides smoothly onto skin in gel form, and then turns into a foamy lather. A little also goes a long way.  In addition to a score of 91 % Top Allergen Free on, this shave gel is also dye-free, made with aloe vera gel, lightly scented, and dermatologically tested. What more can a sensitive skin girl ask for? 

While in search for organic pads, we received  a recommendation for these babies. Women owned, 100% cotton, and a “Pillowy soft feel”. For more information and bundle deals, check out  their website Rael