Editor's Note: Grandma Please Excuse , but I'm using Mrs. Meyers

Keeping the house clean has always been a priority in my family. I remember when I was  younger every weekend my mom would sweep and mop our five bedroom house. She would stack chairs on top of one another and I would jump on top of them acting like I was a participant of an obstacle course. She would be so in tune with her cleaning and music, she wouldn't even mind that I was climbing on the furniture. As long as I didn't get hurt.  I think she trusted me because during that time because I was a regular on the balance beam  and participated in a gymnastics class in elementary school. 

My grandmother on the other hand did not play that. As my brother and I would walk into  her home in New York she would say" Wash your hands and don't touch my walls". My grandpa would repeat "Don't  touch the walls kids!", I could hear him now.  Now in my  30's, I  can't even leave dishes  out, overnight in the sink overnight without my hearing my grandma "Do you want roaches? I know your scared of bugs" so I wash them right away. 

 For the past year now I have been using Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner  from their  Mrs. Meyers Clean Day household product line . I decided to give their products a try as the colors and scent offerings caught my eye (Lavender, Geranium, Lemon Verbena and Basil), and I also did not like  how  the other products such as  Clorox, Lysol, Ajax, and Pine Sol made me feel when I used them.   For many years I followed my mom and grandma these products, but as I got older I was concerned about the products and how they can effect our health.  I knew they gave a good clean but wondered why I could still smell chemicals even when wearing a mask.  I started using Mrs. Meyer's products and fell in love. Though they can seem a little pricey compared to other household products ($4-$15), in my opinion they are well worth it as their products are cruelty free, have recyclable packaging (besides the pumps and caps), and the scents are "Garden inspired, Made with Essential Oils and Other Thoughtfully chosen ingredients"https://www.mrsmeyers.com/

The Clean Day Household line features a multi-surface and glass cleaner , kitchen cleaners and bathroom cleaners. Their website even has an ingredient page with an ingredient glossary where each ingredient has a section for what it is, what it does  and what product the ingredient is found in. 

"For generations we've had to put up with conventional ingredients and sterile smells to get a good clean. To that we said, "Enough is enough." Enter Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day: A collection of household products inspired by flowers and herbs that smell delightful, but really pack a punch against daily dirt and grime." https://www.mrsmeyers.com/. For more information on Mrs. Meyer's products see here.

Be Encouraged,