Devotionals: Hope for the Fatherless

Deuteronomy 10:18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing.

All the father figures in my life have gone. First my Dad, then my Granddad, and then recently my Stepdad, and Great Grandpa.

I ask myself "Was I meant to go on this journey alone? Fatherless? To do it by myself with no man to show me how a lady is supposed to be treated, respected, loved, and cared for?"

As a child, My Stepdad and Grandpa were there,  but that time didn't feel long enough. My stepdad was there for a few years of my life, but after his and my mom's separation, I didn't see him much. In my eyes, he exemplified a real man, a good man. He cooked, cleaned, protected, and managed the household. My Grandpa taught me self -independence.  Though his love wasn't expressed vocally, he expressed it through action. He encouraged me to do things on my own. At nine years old I learned how to braid my own hair. When I struggled with math, he made me sit at the table and study it until I understood it. 

My real dad, He was a joke. I mean, How do you impregnate a woman and then leave? Run away like you didn't go half on a seed? Now he got me running. Out here running after love and looking like a darn fool.

"Humble yourself, child. Forgive"  is what God says to me. I am your Father, I always have been and will be to the end. 
I will guide you, comfort you, and protect you. Just Believe".

I pray that God's words and actions towards me, encourage you. 

Be Encouraged,