Lifestyle: Two Wellbeing Tips from the Barbie Movie

After all of the hype on social media, advertisements, and hearsay, I finally went to go see the Barbie movie! It was so good (I rate it 10/10)! While watching it, I couldn't wait to write a blog on my thoughts. There were so many takeaways, but I'll leave you with these two well-being tips: 

1. Meditation provides perspective: There is a scene in the movie where Barbie leaves Barbie land and goes to LA to discover herself and her purpose. When arriving in LA, Barbie gets into trouble and gets lost, and doesn't know where to go. She then takes a seat, closes her eyes, and concentrates.  Once she does this, she receives perspective. This scene reminded me of a message in the book "How to Love" by Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh:

  "Meditation consists of generating three kinds of energy: mindfulness, concentration, and insight. These three energies give us the power to nourish happiness and take care of our suffering. Suffering may be there. But with the energy of mindfulness, concentration, and insight, we can embrace and take care of that suffering and nourish happiness at the same time."

2. Affirmations encourage self-esteem- There is another scene in the movie where all of the Barbies who were introduced at the beginning of the movie as hardworking, successful women (for ex. there is a Barbie who is a president, a Barbie who is a doctor), have been manipulated by Kens to submit to men and serve them. During this time, the Barbies cast their independence to the side and only do what the men want. To help recover the Barbies identities, Barbie and her friends affirm the Barbies and remind them of who they were before they started listening to the men. After this, the Barbies immediately start acting like themselves and return to what they were doing at the beginning of the movie.  Some affirmation examples from the movie were "You Won the Nobel Peace Prize", and "You save lives".  These two affirmations were for Barbie, the Writer, and Barbie, the Doctor.

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Be Encouraged,