Feature of the Week: Los Acie, Life/ Relationship Coach and Motivational Speaker

1) Who are you?

I am a Life/Relationship Coach & Motivational Speaker originally from Pittsburgh, PA that now resides in the Carolinas. I coach people daily whether one-on-one, in a group setting, or in an audience setting to get the results they want in their life and relationships. I’ve been coaching for four years and have been blessed to serve thousands around the world. I focus mainly on self- mastery, understanding ones needs, and better ways of communicating with themselves and the relationships around them.

2) What is your blog, program, agency, or organization about? When did it start?

My program is designed to be a 90-day process of deep immersion into self-development as well as couples' development. Whether joining my program as an individual or with a partner, I take my clients through my Trifecta Deep Dive method towards reaching their personal and collective goals. I teach the tools and practice to build a happy, fulfilling life, and to build a strong, healthy bond with themselves as an individual as well as their partner. I also help them craft steps to take towards reaching their desired goals.

3) What is your mission? Why do you feel strongly about this particular area of interest?

My mission is to help people break the unhealthy cycles they are stuck in and habits that block them from getting the results they want in life. I help them to become the healthiest versions of themselves, helping them to learn communication skills and learn about the type of partner they want in their life to be able to attract the ideal relationship they want. I feel so strongly about this because I went through three relationships that ended in toxic ways across a span of 12 years that I had to make a change from within to change my results to the vibrant life it is today. And after learning that my own self evolution was the source to me being able to enjoy a beautiful life, that’s fulfilling with the healthiest relationship that makes my life that much better.

4)If someone asked for your feedback on how to live their best life, What would your response be in one sentence?

"Get fixated on what truly brings you joy in life against everything else, go for that to live fulfilled, happy, and spread that happiness to the world."

5) How and where can people find more information about you?