Feature of the Week: Scooba Steve, CEO of Vote Peace the Label


1)  Who are you?

Deep down inside I'm a kid from Dorchester, MA. That's where all of my favorite memories are. However, Creativity is deeply rooted in me from growing up in Harlem, NY. I've always been intrigued with art and music because of my grandmother (who lives there), who is heavily into the arts of jazz and blues. 

2)  What is your blog, program, agency, organization about? When did it start?

"Vote Peace" the label started in 2015. "Vote Peace" is about self-expression and creativity within the arts. It was inspired by my experience growing up in Dorchester, which is commonly known as a "rough" area. Growing up in this community, waking up to gunshots and experiencing random animosity from people who looked like me, made me want to see change in my community. 

"Vote Peace" also has a clothing line "Hashtag Pesos (#PE$OS)". The clothing line was established in 2014, after an eye-opening trip I took to Mexico. I was creatively inspired by the beaches and the currency. Both were vibrant and colorful compared to the U.S Dollar.

On this trip, I also noticed a similarity between home and Mexico, poverty. The difference, happiness of the people. I came back home and wrote a song "Pesos" produced by the legendary Billboard Producer from Boston, Humbeats. The song took off and I knew I needed some merch. I added a hashtag and dollar sign and put it on the sleeve of a hoodie. The rest was history!


3) What is your mission? Why do you feel strongly about this particular area of interest? 


My mission is to motivate anyone who grew up in similar conditions to obtain wealth and abundance through creativity and getting their finances in order. 

4) If someone asked for your feedback on how to live their best life, what would your response be in one-two sentences? 


"Don't worry about what people think of you." 

 "If you don't pray, at least thank God when you wake up."

5) How and where can people find more information about you?

Instagram: @scooba617

Twitter: @Scoobasteve617

Email: therealscooba617@gmail.com

YouTube: Scooba Steve - YouTube