Inclusion: Three Feminine Influencers You Should Follow Right Now

1. Mariah Houghton- This young lady represents class, high fashion, and elegance, all at the same time. The daughter of gospel singers Israel and Meleasa Houghton, and stepdaughter of Adrienne Houghton, Mariah has an eye for aesthetics, and fashion, and is skilled in photography and interior decorating. Mariah's skills were first publicly recognized and shared by her stepmom on her YouTube channel, All Things Adrienne. Mariah assists Adrienne with her photo shoots for her jewelry and clothing line xixi and lavoute, and even contributes to interior decorating for their household. To learn more about her, follow her on Instagram at @mariah.houghton.

Love Your Natural -This Vlogger and Rapper (also known as Bella Barz), from Queens, New York, began her YouTube journey after starting a natural hair page on Instagram, moving on to girl talks. After witnessing an increase of subscribers on her first "Girl Talk" video, she continued creating similar content and now has over 1 million subscribers. Love Your Natural's content is relatable and makes viewers feel like they are her best friends.  She also inspires women to create boundaries and demand respect in all of their relationships, and to be comfortable in their own skin. She is unafraid to be truthful and vulnerable, and it is not difficult to understand why people follow and subscribe to her page. For more of her content follow her on Instagram at @bella_barz or Love Your Natural on YouTube. 

 3. Hailey Gamba- This YouTube Vlogger calls herself the “Queen of Self Care”, but also should be called “The Manifesting Queen”. Born and raised in New Jersey, Hailey started her YouTube page in 2015 and now has over  577,000 subscribers. From her self-care talks to tips on manifestation, Hailey helps you look and feel your best. She also inspires you to believe, that anything you desire is possible to achieve. In her mid-twenties, Hailey has her own luxury apartment, luxury car, and, two Siberian huskies. Follow her at @haileygamba on Instagram or Hailey Gamba on YouTube for the best self-care tips and perfume recommendations. She'll have you smelling good all year.