Poetry : Words from His Lips to My Ears (A single black woman's ear to the single black man)

“Be my Peace” he says while prepping hookah pipes, relaxed in his basketball shorts and black tank. Dreads pulled back, knees scuffed from street football and a calm but stark demeanor.

“I am taken,” he says when pursued by a woman with flattering lips.

“I’m not a meal ticket,” says the man tired of women using him for their selfish ambition and photo-taking during their date and getting to know each other.

“Be my Peace” says my ex.

“What about me? What about how I feel?” says my ex.

“Don’t use me” says, my brother.

“I’m not interested”, “Were not compatible,” says the man who knows himself and value.

“When a woman understands that his needs, his desires are important as mine, this makes you a much more desirable woman to that man” Stephen Speaks.

“See me, Understand me, Affirm me, Teach me, Love Me” I hear.