Editor's Note: Thanksgiving, A Day to be Thankful for the Memories


Growing up I used to visit my grandmother on my dad's side at her house in Hyde Park, MA. From a little girl to an adult, The times that I would visit her would mean everything because we had a special bond. She did not speak any English and I did not speak Haitian-Creole, but God made a way for us to speak and understand one another. 

While visiting her, I would practice speaking the language and would use the Google translator on my phone. She was always very patient with me.When I would walk through the front door of her house (which was always open), and yell from downstairs "Mama Liline!" she would respond, "Melanie!". That's what she called me. She then would continue speaking to someone in front of her or on the phone. She had many friends and visitors.

When I would get to her house and walk up the 7-8 stairs and turn into her living room,  a big smile would spread across her face. My grandmother would be sitting in her favorite green armchair in her living room peaceful and happy for visitors. I would walk over to her in her chair and hug her with a big embrace. Her smile, hugs and overall being meant so much to me. She was strong, resilient, and a mother of 10 (2 that passed including my father).

As I would hug her she would say "Ou grangou?" which means "Are you hungry" in Haitian-Creole.  I would shy-fully respond "We". She knew that question was my favorite question and how I always responded with a “yes”.When it came to Haitian food, I was always hungry. I didn't care what it was, As long as my grandma made it.

This Thanksgiving, I am cooking in my Grandma, Jeannette Alexis’s honor. Legume, which is also known as Eggplant stew which is made with egg plant and a variety of other vegetables and  pork or beef, "Banun Peze", which is fried green plantains, and white rice. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember to be grateful for ALL of the memories. They shape who we are today.

Be Encouraged,



  1. Amen, I smile and chuckled while reading this. Visualization was real.

  2. This is golden Noelani πŸ™ŒπŸΎ . I know she's very proud of you. The food sounds bomb lol enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving !! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ₯‚

  3. happy thanksgiving! Legume and banun peze sounds delicious!


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