Lifestyle: Practice Sustainable Living and Keep your Utility Bills from Rising with these Tips

This summer I moved to the  "Queen City", Charlotte, North Carolina from "Beantown", Boston, Massachusetts. I decided to move after visiting a couple of times (well two, not a couple), when finally coming to acknowledge that rent in Boston was increasing day by day , and the square space per foot was decreasing.  I had thought about the move a couple of times and finally decided to do it after the termination of my summer lease. Though rent in Charlotte is much cheaper, I do however; pay for all utilities (water, heat, and electricity). If you pay for utilities and want to lower your bills or just want to practice living more sustainably, keep reading. 

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (also known as the EPA)., "Each American uses an average of 82 gallons of water a day at home (USGS, Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 2015)."  The agency suggests that to decrease 20% water use, home owners and renters can install water -efficient fixtures and appliances. Though installing these appliances may be possible for some, not all are able to do so. Below, I have provided some water and energy saving  tips for your reference. By implementing these practices, my utility bills have been steady and I aim to keep them this way. These practices also make a difference on our impact on the earth.

To limit water use and save money:

  • Take shorter showers (try to aim for 10-15 minutes ).
  • Turn the water off when lathering up while showering.
  • Use cooler water when showering.
  • Wash dishes instead of using the dish washer.
  • Fill up a sink bucket with hot soapy water to scrub dishes, then rinse with cold.
  • When brushing your teeth or washing your face, turn off the water. Run it only to dampen and rinse, rather then letting it run the entire time.
  • Take baths instead of showers.
  • Wash clothes every two weeks instead of every week.
  • Wash clothes on lower cycles. 
Save Energy:
  • Unplug devices and technology you are not using (chargers, televisions, computers, lamps). 
  • Open your blinds for natural light and keep lights off in the day time. Leave the lights on in spaces that you use the most so that you are not flipping light switches off and on (bathroom).
  • Meal Prep to decrease stove and oven use.
  • Use the fan in during warmer days instead of air conditioning, wear lighter clothes. Take a cold shower to stay cool. 
  • Bundle up in the winter time, seal off places where drafts can come in (underneath doors, windows), and keep blanket throws washed and available to use around the house.  
  • Wash and dry larger loads at a time instead of small loads.
Tried any of the these out? Are you currently putting any of these tips into practice? Share below.

Be Encouraged,