Editor's Note: Saturday Morning Coffee


Romans 8: 18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

 This scripture from Romans 8 means everything to me. While lying in the bed this morning all that I could hear in my Spirit was this scripture . I tossed and turned and knew I had to write something .So here I am on this Saturday morning  delivering this message to you.  

I am inspired to write this while reflecting on how much God has done in my life and in my family's life.  He has stretched his hand out and transformed actions, thought patterns, and has broken generational curses. All of this has come with surrender,  and the Peace of the Holy Spirit has rested on my family's life. It is the best feeling ever.

 It wasn't like this always, but as I said, surrendering to God and trusting Him changed our lives. I can truly attest to the notion that our present sufferings amount to nothing when comparing to what God has in store.  

To provide some context , From in the womb to the age of 29 I almost died twice. In my mom's belly before her delivery, my umbilical cord wrapped itself around my neck and the doctors had to cut me out. Then at age 29 I was hit by a truck that ran straight into my side. If it wasn't for God's strength, His angels, and prayer; I would not be here. God transformed my body and healed me with his grace.  I've also seen Him transform others.  

 With God’s hand , I have seen family members with years  of addiction  transformed into God's own vessels . Vessels of Glory , continuously pouring out on others, trusting in God  and sharing their testimonies .  I have saw  gang members transformed into servants of God , and used as leaders.
If I shared  all of the transformations I have been a  witness to in my life you would never lift your eyes up from your phone, or whichever device you are reading this from. There is nothing God cannot do.

This is why it is important that we do not judge. Because just as quickly as we can fix our mind and lips to say something bad about someone is just as how quickly God can turn their life around and use them. This person could even be you. How you see yourself today may not even be the person you are tomorrow. The things that you are suffering with now may not even be the same pain you have tomorrow.  Hold on tight to God's hand, pray and trust in Him. For our present sufferings are not worth the glory that will be revealed in us. JESUS SAVES.

Love you and Be Encouraged,