Feature of the Week: Lit Vibes by Vivian Torres

1) Who are you?

My name is Vivian Torres, I am the creator of Lit Vibes. I was born and raised in the "Boogie Down Bronx". I'm 29 years old but moved to Boston with my family at the age of 11. I'm the oldest of 5 siblings and have always felt the need to set a good example and inspire them to be nothing short of great! So here I am just trying to be great.

2) What is your blog, program, agency, organization about? When did it start?

My brand is Lit Vibes, it started off as just making candles with intention. We are slowly expanding and have recently added car diffusers, so people can take some of their fave candle scents on the go. I have ideas for so much more, but baby steps. Every one of my candles are meant to set a particular "VIBE". To me that's what candles are meant to do. You don't buy a candle just because it's cute, you love the feeling it gives you when you smell it. I started Lit Vibes in the midst of the pandemic last year October 2020. Candles are so intricate and there is such a science to them. I practiced and practiced until I got what I liked. I then launched my website New Year's day. NEW YEAR NEW VIBES!

3) What is your mission? Why do you feel strongly about this particular area of interest? 

My mission is to be able to bring positive vibes to anyone who lights one of my candles, or hangs a car diffuser in their car. I am a strong believer in aromatherapy and for someone who struggles with depression every day, I find a comfort in scents! Lit Vibes was born because I needed something to look forward to. The Pandemic brought this different type of darkness not only on me but on so many people all over the world. So if "Beach What!?" can make you feel like you're on vacation and "Woo-Sah" can make you feel like you're in a yoga class then I'm here for it! Bringing a little peace and serenity to your soul is all I want.

4) If someone asked for your feedback on how to live their best life, What would your response be in one sentence?

"There will only be one you, stay at your highest frequency, and don't let anyone tone you down!"

5) How and where can people find more information about you?

You can find more Lit Vibes at lit-vibes.com or follow us on Instagram at lit.vibes247