Lifestyle: Girlfriend, You don't have to Hate your Period.

At a young age my mom and grandma set the expectation for my  menstrual cycle. They nicknamed it " Rosie" and even called her a friend. I thought she would never come, and then one day she did. I was 11 years old, hanging out at a school friend's house, and had to go to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom, and when I pulled down my pants,  there she was, "Rosie".  I immediately paged my mom 911, and warned her of the emergency. I cried and screamed  in my friend's bathroom for almost a 1/2 hour, until my mom arrived with a pad and a pep talk. 20 years later, I am still screaming when "Rosie" greets me. This scream is inward though. Lately, for the past few months; "Rosie" and I have been working on our relationship. I have been reading and educating myself on ways to help us cope naturally. Here what's been working" 


HYDRATION& EXERCISE- The week before my period,  I Drink lots of water (alkaline and coconut water a few times),  and try to lay off of the caffeine. I have been drinking decaf in moderation. I have also returned to some practice of  yoga flow, and exercise a few times during the week. As for my skin routine, I prep my face with an exfoliating mask, toner and moisturize on the daily. I find my face gets pretty oily the week before and I have learned this has to do with hormonal changes. 

NATURAL, CHEMICAL AND PARABEN FREE PADS-For two months now, I've  been using The Honey Pot Company Herbal pads. The Honey Pot Company is Woman Owned, Black Owned , and the products are made with  all natural products. However; I must tell you that some people have shared reviews via YouTube and online  about how they do not like the herbal pads . They are made with essential oils; mint, lavender and aloe vera, and not everyone wants essential oils in their pads. I get it. Some might even be allergic. They have been working for me though. For the past two months I have had less cramping and like the cooling effect they provide. I also like smell. For more information on The Honey Pot Company products here 

EATING WHOLE FOODS : I  have learned that eating more meat-less products the week before and during my period, help make me feel better inside and out. . When I eat more "whole" foods; I have less breakouts and less cramping. Like many women though, I do get cravings, so I DO allow myself to give into them. Just not every time.  The key in my opinion,  is to not let your period rule you, but you rule over it. Some whole foods that make me feel better are oatmeal (rolled oats or steel cut), homemade soups or store bought soups without much sodium, sweet potatoes, brown rice, green smoothies. The foods I crave are fried chicken,  burgers or chocolate. As I mentioned. I allow myself to have those things. Two meals out of the week follow under my cravings. You can't deprive yourself.


CONTINUED HYDRATION- The week of, I continue drinking water and  sip tea throughout the day. Any tea without caffeine is good, but if you want a black tea I recommend something decaf.  I found a nice Rosehip tea (fruit of the rose plant), at Trader Joes called Red Refresh Herbal Tea. It is made with hibiscus, rosehip, lemongrass, peppermint and a few other natural flavors. It has a floral, berry taste, and has citrus notes . The Rosehip  helps to provide Vitamin C, Antioxidants and has also been said to help maintain collagen, a protein that provides structure to much of your body, including your bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments. 

CLEANLINESS : I use wipes whenever I use the bathroom and don't leave my sanitary napkins on for more than 2 hours. I don't use tampons, but think that they should be changed just as often if not more frequently than pads. I shower twice a day, morning and night; and this helps me feel fresh and feel better.  In the shower I love to let the warm water run down my neck and lower back. I want to start buying panties that I only use for my period as well. Maybe the ones with the days on them to help me count down *checks online*. 

VIBES:  Music and Candles make me feel good. During this time I like to light, light scented  candles and listen to soft playlists or R&B. I've found that candles with herbal oils or light scents such as Lavender, Rose, and Vanilla tend to be quite soothing. I also allow myself to cry. If I am feeling emotional, I let it out. It's all about being gentle with yourself during this time and treating yourself with extra care, at least in my opinion. 

Do you have any tips that you use to help with your period? I would love to hear from you. Please share in the comments.

Be Encouraged,