Lifestyle: I spent $100 on House slippers !


If you’ve been following me for a while; you know  that I have sensitive skin and how over the years I have dealt with sensitive skin irritations . From Acne prone skin to sun allergies, even the many material of the clothes that I wear can irritate me too. With that said, I prefer the fabric of the clothes that I wear to be made with fabric that is close to 100 percent cotton. It needs be so in order for me to be  me comfortable. However , this is not a sensitive skin post so keep reading . 

This post here is all about overall comfortability, and why I spent $100 on slippers. When  it comes to my skin , my overall well being , and what I put on my body; I just need to be comfortable . Even if that comfortability sometimes comes with a cost. 

 I stumbled upon my Ugg slipper search; searching for comfy shoes to wear indoors and outdoors  through the end of the summer and cooler months. Three weeks ago,  I started a remote job and I needed something flexible to wear on my feet that I could sit or stand in . As I searched through my Instagram search tags ( the modern day customer review page in pictures), I debated if I should get Danskull shoes or Crocs ? After a few searches , my social media ads found out that I was looking for comfy shoes and I started to see more and more Ugg slippers .  The slippers were fluffy and soft and reminded me of my faux bedroom rug, except these were the real thing. “ Those look so soft”  I said to myself. After scrolling through the official Ugg website and seeing all of the color options and styles , I decided I wanted to get a pair. I made my purchase in a size 10 in the UGG Logo Fluff Yeah Multi-Color Slides.

 “ A global bestseller” says “ Fluff Yeah Slide combines the look of a sandal with the feel of a slipper. Featuring signature sheepskin atop a lightweight platform to keep things airy, it is as good as it sounds and as soft as it looks” . The slippers are made with a hard bottom to be worn outside; however, I have not wore them outside (nor will I),  because I don’t want them to get dirty and I prefer them as a house shoe. The slippers are soft and comfy , and feel like pillows under my feet. I also love the platform height so when I stand for work. If your looking for a comfortable luxury slipper , these are it. They cost a bit more but the investment in my opinion is worth it . The  website says they these slippers last up to two years . In that time frame, you would have probably spent money on at least three pairs of slippers . For more information on the Fluff Yeah Slide and Ugg Slippers see here .

Be Encouraged,