Editor’s Note: 7 Leaders of Today who Inspire Me

1. Chandler David Moore-  Chandler David Moore is a Worship Leader, Songwriter and Instrumentalist from Charleston, South Carolina. He is the son of Bishop Brian and Elder Jametta C. Moore of All Nations Worship Assembly - Atlanta; where he is committed to leading their Production Department. I found out about Chandler on social media and was in awe with his worship and ministry with partners Maverick City Music (an online writing camp ministry combined of people from all backgrounds). Chandler sings on two of my most favorite songs Most Beautiful and Man of your Word featuring  KJ Scriven.  Check out the video Man of your Word here.

2. Steven Furtick- Steven Furtick is the Founder  and Leader of Elevation Church in North Carolina. He is also a songwriter and New York Time's Best Selling Author. Pastor Furtick's church has multiple sites;however, he is the leader  of the Ballantyne, North Carolina location (which I visited for my birthday last year). I started following Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church back in August 2017.  Seeking hope and encouragement, Pastor Furtick's sermons ministered to me after someone hit me in a hit and run in New York City and i was stuck in the house for one month.  Pastor Furtick lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Holly Furtick and their two sons Elijah and Graham, and daughter Abbey. For live and past sermon's check out Elevation Church YouTube channel here.

3. Holly Furtick- Holly Furtick is the c0-founder of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina and the wife of Steven Furtick. She is the author of two Women's Bible Studies, Building Friendships That Fit, and Becoming Mrs. Betterhalf .  I love Holly Furtick because she reminds me of the Proverbs 31 woman in the bible. Humble, Kind, Submissive, Strong, Peaceful, Nurturing. She is the First lady of the church and also one of my role models. For more information on Holly Furtick and her sermons see here .

4. Adrienne Eliza Houghton- "Adrienne Eliza Houghton is s an American singer-songwriter, actress, talk show host, dancer, producer, media personality and businesswoman. She is a former member of  the girl group 3LW and played in the movie The Cheetah Girls. Since 2013, Bailon has been a co-host of the daytime talk show the REAL." wikipedia .  Since 2013 I have been a fan of the show and I love Adrienne because she  is "Real" and also encourages women to be sexy and confident. She also has wonderful skin regimens. Check her out on her Youtube channel All Things Adrienne here

5. Shivani Verma- I recently stumbled on a talk from Shivani Verma on YouTube, looking for videos on positive energy and interactions. Shivani, also known as BK Shuvani and Brahma Kumari Shivani, is a "practitioner and a teacher of Rajyoga Meditation that is at the heart of the teachings of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, since 1996" https://www.huffingtonpost.in/author/bk-shivani/. RajaYoga is a Meditation  that encourages you to look inward, to discover or re-discover yourself. It is accessible to people of all backgrounds and is a study which does not involve any rituals or mantras, and can be practiced with eyes open anytime and anywhere. For more information on BK Shivani  follow her on Facebook: BK Shivani

6.Sarah Jakes Roberts - " Whew, Chile" is one of my favorite sayings of Business Woman, Writer, Media personality , and Co-Pastor (alongside her husband Toure Roberts),  of  The Potters House at One LA and The Potter's House Denver, Sarah Jakes Roberts. I found out about Sarah while attending service at The Potters House at One LA realizing that the powerful woman and Co-Pastor, was the daughter of the  Bishop T.D  Jakes. In 2017, Sarah launched Woman Evolve a ministry that focuses on incubating every woman to her fullness. "https://sarahjakesroberts.com/meet-sarah. For information on Sarah and Woman Evolve, see here.

7. R.C Blakes Jr R.C. Blakes Jr. is an Author, Speaker, Pastor, and Empowerment Leader . I love this man's videos on YouTube and am particularly fond of the videos on Women and Self Growth and Empowerment. Though his videos are not only geared towards women,  I have chosen to watch those that are because they inspire me to be better and also see myself in a better better light. He is the pastor of the New Home Family Worship Center of Louisiana and Texas and is a husband and father of four. For more of his YouTube videos see here . 

Be Encouraged,