Editor’s Note: Grow Where You’re Planted ( A Revision from 3.18.20)

On March 18, 2020 I published a blog titled “ Grow Where Your Planted”. Yesterday I lost this blog while editing old posts on my computer ( sometimes I go back to my old blog posts to edit).  I had been trying to change the previous font and when I did, I selected all of the text and accidentally deleted everything. By the time I tried to go back to revert the post it was too late. I Google searched ways to retrieve old published post and after a few attempts, still couldn’t get it back. Though I was saddened, I am here today looking at the glass half full. I decided to rewrite the post using the same title with updated content .

In the former post I shared how  two and a half years ago while I was living in New York City, I was involved in an hit and run accident where a driver hit me and fled the scene. I had the right of the way on the crosswalk, and the driver ran in to me sending me flying almost three feet in the air. After being picked up by the ambulance, I was rushed to the nearest emergency room where I was immediately given tests, scans and x-rays to check on my body’s condition. Thankfully all of the tests taken were found to be normal;however, I did suffer from a sprained abdomen.  I was told to stay home for a month to six weeks. 

The time I had to stay at home after my accident, reminded me of the “Stay at home” requirements we all over the world currently undergo . During the time of my accident, my mom and God encouraged me to utilize my time wisely. I used that time in prayer,  filled my body with healthy food and also drank lots of Water. Now during this Pandemic I am continuing to do the same while I am at home indoors. 

Today is April, 29, 2020.  The Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 has had an impact on the whole world and we are in a Pandemic. In the city of Boston, Massachusetts, as of March 16, 2020 the people living in the city have been told by the Governor ( Governor Charlie Baker), to remain at home and indoors until further notice. As of Tuesday, April 27, 2020, He also informed residents with an update that the proposed re-opening date of the city which was May 4,2020, has been extended to May, 18, 2020.  The only people who should regularly go out are “ Essential” workers (Bankers , Medical Care Providers, Food and Agricultural workers). For a list of other types of Essential workers see here. Non—Essential workers should only go outside when necessary ( to go to the grocery store and to get other essential needs),  while also continuing social distancing ( standing apart from others at 6ft) . During this time which I also call  “Planting” season, I wanted to share some things I have learned and that God has allowed me to reflect on. 

During this time I have learned :

 1.God is in Control : God has the final say and there is no man, no king, no one; who can change things that happen or take place in our lives. There are many things only He can control and no matter what man may try to do, only at His words will certain things change or happen. God is the creator of everything and is King over everything. He is in control .
2.Whether you are a writer, are in school, working; It is important to always save a duplicate of your work or back it up on a hard drive:  If you don’t, you will lose your work. 
3. I am not a morning person: For a long time I thought that I was a morning person  until times like this. Yes, I prefer to go to work early (so  that I don’t have to work later and so that I can get home before dark); however, if I could choose a time to start my day and actually leave my house, it would be 2 PM. By that time,  I would have had my morning cup of coffee, Bible time , yoga time, spa time, posted a blog and followed up with loved ones ( in that order). 
4. Family and loved ones are everything: No matter what happens in life;  Family will always be family and we need them in our lives. This time of being shut-it has brought my family and I closer together, and despite differences we may have; we have learned to come together and overcome challenges because we realize we are all we have. We have to cherish one another because we never know when our last days will be or when we can lose someone.
5. Life experiences shape us. Everything that I have experienced in the past has prepared me for today. From working at the gym (my first job after college), practicing healthy habits and eating during and after my car accident, and working in the department of  General Surgery & Gastroenterology at a hospital. These experiences taught me  to prioritize my health and keep healthy practices. Health is Wealth and is the sustenance of our lives.

How have you grown during this time? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Please share.

Be Encouraged,