Devotionals: If I were You, I wouldn’t Miss this Boat

Matthew 22:14 For many are called (invited and summoned), but few are chosen.

In the book of Matthew Chapter 22 verses 1-14, Jesus tells the Pharisees a parable( comparison/ story used to illustrate and explain), about the Kingdom of Heaven. Below I have shared verse 2 and then summarize the story for the sake of this post. Feel free to follow here to read the story on your own. Jesus said to them vs 2 The Kingdom of Heaven is like a King who gave a wedding banquet for his son. The King sent out servants to summon those who were invited but many refused to come. Again, the King sent out his servants saying to those who He invited , We are having a feast and will serve the best of the best; however, the invitees were still not concerned. Many of the invitees went about their business, some went to work and sadly, some even killed some of the servants the King sent out. In hearing that the people killed some of his servants, the King was infuriated and sent out his soldiers to put the murderers to death and burned their city (verse 7). Then he said to his servants, go to the main streets and country ends and invite whomever you find. The servants went out and did as he said, and invited those, good and bad; and the wedding feast was filled. But when the King came out and surveyed the room full of  guests,  he saw a man who was not dressed for the event and asked him “Friend how did you get in here”, and he was speechless (verse 12). The king then had his attendants throw the man out and in verse 14 Jesus ends with the parable quoting “ For many are called, but few are chosen.

Last summer while searching on Instagram, I saw a video and a couple pictures of  female rapper, Megan the Stallion, pouring liquor into a few celebrities mouths, and other men and woman who she came across at parties. Megan would ask the people if they wanted to “ride her boat”, and if the person did,  they would accept the challenge of her pouring a shot of her drink into their mouths and would  “be down with her clique or circle”.  After seeing this video, I thought about the term “ ride the boat” ( which I really didn’t understand), but now I am here using it for this post. The term makes me think of a different boat and it’s importance in the Bible. In the book of Matthew when Jesus called his first disciples,  Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, James and his brother John (sons of Zebedee); He called them off of their boats to leave their normal lives and follow Him. Also, when transporting back and forth to different places (near and far),  Jesus and the disciples also used boats to get to their destination. Jesus also spoke to crowds in a boat while the listened to him on land. Another famous story is one time Jesus even slept in the stern (back), of a boat during a storm. While the disciples were in a panic, Jesus slept in the stern of the boat peacefully ( Mark 4:38).

To get on the boat with Jesus, no drink is necessary. No shot , no jump , no drastic measure; is required to ask for Jesus to be in your life.  To accept Jesus into your life,  all you have to do is simply bow your head, close your eyes and tell Jesus that you believe in Him , God and the Holy Spirit, and tell Him that you accept him in your life. You should also ask him to forgive you of your sins; and my friend He will do just that. Our God is merciful ( forgiving), and full of grace .Walk with him today and Do not let His boat pass you by.

Be Encouraged,