Editor's Note: 10 Accomplishments of 2019

A new year is right around the corner (more like tomorrow ), and while many of us are focusing on resolutions; I thought I'd encourage you to pause and reflect on some things you are proud of/ accomplished this year, 2019.  Here are some things I am proud of. Please share  yours in the comments. I'd love to hear from you!

Be Encouraged,
  1. Wrote and Published my 2nd E-book " Looking for my Daddy".To purchase,click here 
  2. Host my first Living, Loving Encouraging Wellness Event "Ladies Time to Unwind". We drank smoothies, watched an inspirational video , shared testimonies, and stretched it out. There will be more like these in the future, stay tuned.
  3.  Took my mom on vacation. Fort Lauderdale, Florida to be exact. She loved it.
  4. Cut my hair off and shaved it bald. This helped me feel so confident and free.
  5. Took a leap of faith and made a transition from the medical field to the restaurant industry. The new role I'm in incorporates some of what I went to school for, cooking and coffee knowledge.  Within a few months, I've learned so much.
  6. Moved into my own place in a new neighborhood.
  7. Spent more time with family and loves ones.
  8. Set healthy boundaries and became more honest with others.
  9. Visited Elevation Church for my birthday in North Carolina. I've followed this church online since 2016 and and wanted to go but never knew when I would go. I was led by the Holy Spirit to go on my Birthday and the service was so special. It was my first time in North Carolina (and down south), and the worship team sang all of my favorite songs. Pastor Steven Furtick also shared a great message and everyone was so friendly and kind. This was the highlight of my year (in addition to taking my mom on vacation and spending quality time with my brother).
  10. Brother/ Sister Dates. My Big, little brother is the best. This year we really grew in our bond and I love how we take care of one another. Sometimes I forget who is older. He's so wise.

Happy New Year! Bring on 2020!