Editor's Note: THANK YOU

Readers of Living, Loving, Encouraging! New and Old! You all are my family and I Love You in the Lord with all of my heart! Last night, I was working on writing a new blog post and prior to getting started, checked out my pageview numbers. I learned that in “All Time” ( 8 years to be exact),  I have had almost 15,000 pageviews from viewers like yourself from  all over the world. 

I want to personally Thank each and every one of you, for checking out my page and supporting this website from 2010 (beginning stages), to  2016 (the revamping and owning of my own domain stage), to today where I hope to continue improving and providing you with inspirational and uplifting devotionals and posts.

Throughout this lifetime, Life has had it's fair share of ups and downs; however, with knowing that I am here to serve you and encourage you, this gives me hope and inspire me as well. I have come to realize that this world is bigger than me, bigger than you, and all of us are called to contribute our talents and spiritual gifts. God did not create us to give us a Spirit of weakness and a Spirit to give up, but has called us to fight the "Good Fight". He wants us to Persevere, to be Resilient, to Love one another , and Be the Best we can be until death. Again , I Love you in the Lord, and Stay Strong and Be Encouraged. 

Peace & Blessings,