Editor's Note: Butterfly Metamorphosis

The other day my brother and I was at my mom’s house, playing  some music on her bluetooth speaker. Whenever we are together, it’s like a party. We reminisce on old times, and talk about our experiences growing up. After my brother played some oldies but goodies (songs from my grandma's time between the 60s-80's), he played a song for me and said “ Noelani, this is for you”. My mom and I waited for the beat to drop, and it was Brandy’s song “ What About Us?”from 2002. I immediately grabbed my mom’s Bluetooth microphone, and started re-enacting Brandy’s moves from her music video.  "What About Us?" was one of my favorite songs , and back in the day I would play it on repeat. My brother said he remembered how I would blast that song, ( as well as other songs by Brandy),  and clean the house. The thought brought back so many memories, I laughed to myself. “That was the real me" I said to myself. “I miss her”.

As I mature and spend more time with myself, I realize that many of my actions, characteristics, attitudes, and feelings on things (new and old);  have all been influenced by something from the past. Thoughts and ideas from family, friends, church, relationships, school, work, the internet, society; has all had an impact. I don't know if you can relate, but I admit, for a long time, it seems like I could hardly distinguish my own thoughts with all of the noise and everyone in my ear.  Many times I moved in ways that were appeasing to everyone else, but left me empty.  I am now in a stage of my life where I  am learning to be alone, learning more about who I truly am, and what I truly want in life. It reminds me of  the"Pupa"stage of a butterfly's metamorphosis.  Read on to understand .

"All butterflies have “ complete metamorphosis”. To grow into an adult butterfly they go through 4 stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Each stage has a different goal-for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot and adults need to reproduce. Depending on the type of butterfly, the life cycle of a butterfly may take anywhere from a month to a whole year." The Butterfly Site

When butterflies are in the Egg Stage (Stage 1), they start off as very small, round, cylindrical shaped eggs. In this stage, they are usually laid on the leaves of plants until the second stage. In the second stage, the egg hatches and turns into larvae( also known as Caterpillars). In this stage, the caterpillar will start his work and eat the leaf they were born onto.This stage is very important because the mother butterfly has to make sure she lays the eggs on the right leaf that the larvae will like to eat, in order for them to grow and expand,. The caterpillars skin does not stretch or grow, so they grow by ‘molting” (shedding the outgrown skin), several times while it grows.

The third stage, is the Pupa stage.  As soon as a caterpillar is done growing and they have reached their full length and weight, they form themselves into a Pupa, also known as a Chrysalis. Inside of this Pupa, the caterpillar is rapidly changing, and their old body undergoes a transformation process called " Metamorphosis". The caterpillars tissues, limbs, and organs are all transforming until their last and final stage, an Adult Butterfly. In this process, the wings are soft and folded against the butterfly's body, until it rest after coming out of the Pupa. Then, the butterfly will pump blood into it's wings to get them working and flapping.

The process of "Butterfly Metamorphosis" resonates with me, because like the butterfly; I believe we  must all go through a transformation process to become the person we were purposed for and are meant to be. We start off as babies, then children, teenagers, and adults; experiencing and undergoing different things, which impact and sometimes change who we are. In order to find out who we truly are, we must go back in time and reflect on all of the stages that made us, and filter out the negative things and keep the positive. In the 4 stages of the Butterfly Metamorphosis, the caterpillar works and nourishes their bodies, rests and takes time for self, to become the Adult butterfly ready to find a mate and reproduce to start the next generation. As my brother reminded me of who I used to be, and as I reflect on who I already am, I look forward to the outcome of my pupa stage, coming out to soar high as an Adult Butterfly.

Be Encouraged,


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