Editor’s Note: Sing Songs From the Heart ( A song written from Noelani for God’s Ears)

Thank you Lord for your glorious mercy. For your love,strength, conviction, peace, and labor. You keep me in your hands, you hold me preciously. You love me like no other and for this I am grateful.

I stand tall before you, confidently I walk. You stand by me, you protect me, you make me feel special. You tickle my soul, you bring warmth to my Spirit. Who knew I would fall in love with a power so great. I mean, you knew, but I didn't. I should've known though because you have called me since birth. No longer will I resist your yoke, your yearning for my soul.

You teach me many things about life. Love, Laughter, Pain. You warm my heart. You discipline me when I am wrong. Please Lord, help make my paths straight. Create a fire in my soul which burns like a candle, so bright. May I praise you not only with my lips, but with my actions as well. I do not know where I would be without you. I'd Probably be dead.

 I'd be in prison, buried alive; my soul without even a small flame. For this relationship, I worship you all the days of my life. Like Korah's son, Heman, I will praise you even during the storm. Like Sarah, Abraham's wife, I will believe. Like Moses, I will be still and know.

Worthy is your name God. You are worthy to be praised. I Love you so much and thank you, for Loving me.

Be Encouraged,