Lifestyle: 5 Boston Restaurants Serving Flavorful Vegetarian/Vegan Options

Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter & Banana

1) Clover Food Lab - This restaurant started off as a food truck in 2008 in Boston, MA, and from 2010 until now, now has 11 stores. Its mission is to address global warming by building a better food future, providing customers with a variety of plant-based options from their overnight oats for breakfast in the morning, to their most popular falafel sandwich, The Chickpea Fritter for lunch/dinner.

Mac N Cheese
2) by CHLOE -This vegan restaurant has locations in Boston, NYC, LA , Rhode Island and London. It’s mission is to aim to share delicious, wholesome, plant-based food that fuels and energizes without compromising flavor, taste or satisfaction. It’s chef-driven vegan menu features locally-sourced ingredients in their most natural form to create inspired dishes,made 100% daily.

Pav Bhaji

3) Chutneys- Chutneys set out to expand the horizon of Indian food with inspiration from Indian Street Food and the diversity it offers. It’s menu has a variety of Vegetarian options including Spinach Paneer, Pav Bhaji (a thick vegetable curry served with bread), and Chana Masala.

Provision with Spinach
4) Flames  - This Caribbean Food Joint  
offers a number of delicious meat options but for those who want to skip the meat, 
can order a Plant Based Plate made with
 Provision ( green banana, dumplings,
yucca ), and spinach. They have sweet plantains too.

Everything Bagel with Egg & Veggie Sausage

5) Solid Ground Cafe- This cafe has great coffee, Veggie Sausage, and All day Breakfast? What more can a Vegetarian ask for ?