Devotionals: 10 Things the Book of Ruth Taught Me about Marriage in My Singleness

The Book of Ruth in the Bible is a story about a woman named Ruth who received favor and victory from the Lord through loyalty to her Mother in Law and passing husband's family. During a time of a famine, transition, and grievance; Ruth stayed and lived with her Mother-In-Law, Naomi after the death of Naomi's husband and two sons. Though Naomi insisted that Ruth go back to her own family, Ruth stayed and sacrificed her personal goals, and living with her own family to stay with Naomi. Because of her character and nobleness; Ruth found favor with God, later marrying a landowner Boaz ( a family member of Naomi's husband), and bore him a son. Their son's name was Obed, who was the grandfather of the Biggest King known in the Bible, King David. To read more of this romantic love story see here.
  1. Work Hard and Work on You - Before Ruth Met Boaz, she was picking up wheat in the field for her Mother -in -Law and herself. She was a provider for herself and her family. Ruth 2:3
  2. Be Loyal to God - The definition of Loyalty is- the quality or state or an instance of being loyal  . Ruth was loyal to God and loyal to her passing husband’s family. During a time of loss and pain, She comforted Naomi and stayed with her to live even after her husband died. Ruth 1:16-18
  3. Hold yourself with Class and Nobleness - In chapter 3:11 . Boaz acknowledges Ruth for her nobleness and purity . She did not chase after young men or rich men. She was noble in character and carried herself with class.
  4. Allow the Man to Pursue You-  It's okay to show interest, but allow the man to pursue you. Ruth did not go out looking for Boaz, but Boaz spotted her while she was working in the fields. Ruth was too busy trying to get food for her and Naomi, she was on a mission.
  5. Submission should not be an issue- The man you marry should be a leader and you should be able to trust his guidance and trust that he will protect you. If he loves God and God is leading his life, it should not be a fight to allow him to lead your family. In chapter 3: 1-4 Naomi told Ruth to go lay down at the bottom of Boaz’s feet while he slept at the threshing floor. She specifically told her to lie at his feet because this was a symbol of humbleness and submission. By laying at Boaz feet, Ruth let him know that she trusted him and would allow him to lead and be her protector/ guardian.
  6. A Husband will wait on Sex- Every man does not want to be seduced or need sex before marriage. A man that sees you as his wife, will wait no matter what. He will look at your heart, your character and that will encourage him to stand by you. Ruth did not seduce or sleep with Boaz the night she laid at his feet. She laid by his side and asked him to share his covering with her as they slept. Ruth 3:14
  7. Everything does not happen instantly- The relationship may take some time. You get to know each other, you might not hear from each other for a bit; but what is meant to be will be. Before taking Ruth to be his wife , Boaz sought out elders from his town and a closer relative to Ruth’s Father-In- Law’s Family (as in those times it was custom for a relative in the family to be a guardian to a widow to keep the generation going). The other relative did not want to take Ruth as a wife, but Boaz still took the time to find out if he would before taking Ruth to be his own. Ruth 4:9-10
  8. Sex after Marriage is Righteous in God’s Sight- Ruth and Boaz did not sleep together until after they were married. Many times Sex before marriage defiles the relationship, and there is nothing to look forward to after marriage. Because of their obedience, God enabled Ruth to have a child and she gave birth to a son. Ruth 4:13
  9. They Lived Happily Ever After- Love is Real and is worth waiting for. After marriage, Ruth and Boaz had a child and lived happily ever after. Naomi ( Ruth’s Mother-In-Law), was happy to have a grandchild and the two then had a family again.Ruth 4:14
  10. A Godly Relationship Breaks Generational Curses -Ruth and Boaz established a great line in their family,and because they did things according to God's "Way", the generation after them prospered. Ruth 4:18-22


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