Editor's Note: May 21, 2019, The Start of Something New

   I cut my hair guys! I cut my hair! I feel free, liberated, confident, rejuvenated. All of those things in one. I truly feel amazing! Never in my 30 years of life did I imagine that I would do this. Now at 30 years old, here I am (rubs head).  
   I decided to cut my hair two weeks ago  after trying to come up with a new style for the summer. I had already did the wet and wavy hair, the bowl cut, single braids, perm, bob; I was beginning to run out of ideas. I thought about perming my hair after being natural for two years, but my hair was already thin and I didn’t  want to perm it and have to keep going to the hair salon to get it treated after. I had already had my experiences with trying to perm my own hair when I was younger and from age 15 to now , I suffered from Alopecia Areata  also known as Alopecia which started from perming my hair. 
   At age 11, my mom put a Just for Me perm in my hair (at my request), and shortly thereafter, my hair started falling out on the sides. I don't remember how quickly or at what time it started, but apparently"Just for Me" wasn't for me. I would wear so many styles to cover up the alopecia because my hair on the top and the back was long enough to cover my sides, but eventually my hair started to fall out in the back from wearing tight braided styles, and rubbing from the wig. In the middle of my head it was growing like a tree, but I got tired of hiding, tired of covering, and overall just plain ol tired. 15 years later, I have chopped it off . I never felt so confident, inside and out. To New Beginnings . 

Be Encouraged,