Poetry: Kings & Queens

Black Women, Black Men! We are Queens! We are Kings!
Strengthen Yourselves, Empower Yourselves,
Embrace your Melanin, Embrace Your Physique.
Embrace your Roots, Embrace the Coils in your Strands.
Embrace who you are, Embrace the impact you have and make on the world.

Our stance makes nations weak,
The way we dance, makes them stumble.
 The color of our skin gleams like gold,
The veins in our body, our eyes, tell of many stories untold.

Our ancestors weep, they cry out to us.
See the Beauty they say! See the Beauty!
Know Your worth they say! Know Your Worth!
Persevere they say! Persevere!
Stand Together they say! Stand Together!
Love one another! Love, they say!

Poem by : Noelani Alexis
Images not Owned