Feature of the week: Lauren Hamilton, Founder of Modwife.co, a marriage and lifestyle blog

1) Who are you?

My name is Lauren Hamilton, and I live in Nashville, Tenn. with my husband and our two pups. I'm the founder of modwife.co, a marriage and lifestyle blog. 

2) What is your blog, program, agency, organization about? When did it start?
I launched my blog in 2016 after my marriage completely transformed, and I was feeling under challenged in my job. I created modwife.co as a creative outlet and a way to share what I was learning about life and marriage with other women.

3 ) What is your mission? Why do you feel strongly about this particular area of interest? 
My mission is to empower other women to be truly confident and happy with themselves and to allow those things to boost their marriage or intimate relationship. I've experienced this first-hand, and now have the type of marriage I've always dreamt of, and I just want to share all I've learned. (Of course, our marriage is and will always be a work in progress, though.)

4) If someone asked for your feedback on how to live their best life? What would your response be in one sentence?

If someone asked me how to live their best life, I'd say to extend love to yourself and others; be humble; and be yourself.

5) How and where can people find more information about you?

You can find out more about me and the blog on my Instagram, @modwifedotco, or at www.modwife.co