Feature of the Week: RIFICA

1) Who are you?


2) What is your blog, program, agency, organization about?  When did it start?

I would be considered a music Artist. People categorize me as Inspirational, Gospel Rap, Christian Hip Hop or Christian Rap. I’ve been rapping professionally for 16 yrs.

3) What is your mission? Why do you feel strongly about this particular area of interest? 

To create a positive alternative to what is in mainstream media when it comes to music. I would like to give the young adults and youth music to enjoy that is positive, clean, uplifts and has a good message. I set out to create music created through the lens of a biblical worldview that will help people live fruitful lives and inspire people to live righteous lifestyles while helping to bring souls to the Kingdom of God. 

I know how music influences the youth and people as a whole because I know how it influenced me when I was a kid , teenager, and college student. I wanted to do the things I heard the rappers talking about. I wanted to be like them. The poison being pumped by mainstream media is detrimental to people being productive in life. 

4)If someone asked for your feedback on how to live their best life? What would your response be in one sentence?

"Develop a relationship with the Holy Trinity that will always steer you right in life." 

5) How and where can people find more information about you? 

My website is http://rifica.net . Also this youtube link to my EPK /documentary shows my entire career from start to present day in 10 min. https://youtu.be/3-KJme5wXqs .