Editor's Note: "I'm Just Tryna Make My Momma Proud"

"I’m just tryna make my momma proud .I ain’t tryna let my momma down" says 2 Chainzs in his new video “ Proud” featuring YG and Offset. Each rapper's mom dances around  and sings along to the song as their sons rap about their personal relationships with their mothers and compare it to how it was back in the day,compared to where they are now. Growing up , each artist experienced different things (positive and negative), but through it all, pushed on and pressed towards the goal .From watching and growing up with their mothers, the artists were motivated and determined to work their way to the top and make change for the future. They observed as children and young adults, their mother’s strive to make a living for them, to take care of them, and raise them. There is no other love like a moms love .

My mom, Kimberly, she inspires me and encourages me on a daily basis. I am grateful for he, and also want to make her proud. What makes her happy is to see my brother and I happy, and for us to do the right things in life. Growing up, my mom always told my brother and I to establish a relationship with God, put him first, and lean on his ways and trust in him . She always prayed with us ,hugged us and kissed us at night, and even tucked our feet into the covers when it was cold outside ( and she still does this even to this day). Though life wasn't perfect, we always had food in our stomachs, a warm place to stay, a roof on our head, and clothes on our back. We wanted for nothing. My mother raised us as a single parent, and I respect her for all she did to provide and raise us up right. I love my mom, and she is one of my best friends in the whole entire world. And guess what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. As we near Mother's Day this Sunday, Let’s Celebrate them and not forget to be thankful for them each everyday. Let's also not forget, to make them proud. 

Be Encouraged,


To check out 2 Chainz new video "Proud" see here