Editor's Note: Style & Grace

 Friends, there's something you should know about me. I'm not an avid shopper when it comes to clothes and shoes. I'm more of a "I'd rather spend my money on something spa related, a facial, a massage, some candles; or even go out to eat or go on a trip. Unfortunately to go on a trip, you need clothes. The struggle I have, is in order for me to purchase something, the clothes or shoes must truly catch my eye. I don't just shop to shop. When I shop, I look at the quality of the material, the uniqueness in the style. I want my clothes to last a long time and I also want to feel the quality of  the clothes on my skin.  I love 80%-100% cotton tops and durable jeans. The feel is amazing. Makes me feel comfortable and secured. For style, I like business casual with patterns or a pop of color,  a vintage top, dress, or suit with a cute heel. Nothing too loud. Class, Elegance, Sparkle,a little Diva-esk; a little touch of each works for me. Stay tuned for pieces I find and wear that represent these looks. 


 Long Sleeve White Button up: American Eagle Jeans: Zara Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi

Two Piece Pant Suit- Sag Harbor Clothing (found at Thrift store) Black Tie up heels- Zara

Aldo's Uloaviel Pump in Red Patent 
and Fenty Lipstick in Ma'Damn