Travel: 10 Things I've Learned to Appreciate in NYC

In honor of my one year anniversary of living in New York, I wanted to share with you all ,  "10 Things I've Learned to Appreciate in NYC" . If you haven't read my most recent post, please read it, as this post is in continuation.  If you have just moved to New York , have lived out here sometime, or even have just moved to another city; I would love to hear back from you about some of the  things you have learned to appreciate .  Please feel free to share in the comment box below.

1. Mayor Bill De Blasio - If you don't know about this man or what he stands for; please read his bio, research his accomplishments as Mayor, read his most recent interview in NYMAG, or even watch some interviews of him speaking. De Blasio has been in office since 2014, and is steadfast, bold, confident, and represents " The People. This year with him in office, murders have been down 22 percents and shootings down 20 percent from last year. The number of children in  free childcare has increased, pre-K has also been extended to a full day, and his future plans consist of making New York housing more affordable. Mayor Bill De Blasio is the man.

2. "Happy Hour" spots in Inwood, Manhattan - $5 margaritas, half off hookahs, half off bottles of wine, and inexpensive eats will keep you on this street. You might not even want to go home after your first visit. If your in the Inwood, Manhattan area; check out Inwood Bar & Grill, Pop & Pour, or Made in Mexico . These are a few of my favorites .

3. Fast-Paced walking and driving  - People out here always seem to be on the go. This city is BUSY.  Being out here has taught me that though life can be fast paced and busy, it is still  very important to slow down, and take time to reflect. 

4. The "IDNYC" Card - This card is an alternative identification card for residents of the city. Free until December 31, 2017; this card allows access to city buildings, provides discounted rates and free entry to museums, zoos and botanical gardens, and can even be used in place of your library card. For more information on this card, see here.

5. Public Transit Entertainers - When I first moved out here, I used to get a little annoyed by all of the transit entertainers. Some days I just wanted to ride the train in peace and quiet, and  I also couldn't believe how many single dollars I was almost giving/giving out.  I would give one singer $1 or $2, and when I would turn around, another entertainer would be making an announcement. However; I have learned to appreciate and respect many of the entertainers, as it takes much confidence to get up and perform. I now clap along and participate if I feel the vibe,  and if I don't have any money, I give a nice thank you.

6. 34th Street -Though this street tends to get very busy and crowded on a daily basis,  it is my go-to for shopping. I can go to K-Mart to get a few groceries, purchase some shoes from DSW, try on make-up from Sephora, and after all that, treat myself to a meal at Fridays.  It's literally a "one-stop, shop". 

7. The Noise - I recently took a visit back home to Boston and man was it quiet. I was there for a week, and after about four daya; I started to miss the commotion. Horns beeping, music playing, kids screaming and playing outside when they know it's late and they have school in the morning. Yep, I missed all of that.

8. The MTA Card- NYC fares are expensive, but this card gets you a  free transfer from the train to the bus, and also provides a free transfer from  the bus to the  train,  with no additional costs . Cards are $1 and the fare is $2.75.  If you load your card at a machine, you will even get a bonus for a specific amount . 

9. Public Transportation/ MTA- You can pretty much get everywhere out here via the train, bus, or ferry. If you don't have a car or don't know how to drive; depending on where you live, you can still get around .  Just make sure to check the bus and train schedules.

10. Free Events-Eventbrite has always been my friend, but moving out here has made me love it even more.  You can always find a free event in New York, as  there is always a free comedy show, open mic, jazz band, lecture; somewhere. My favorite free event this year was one of the "First Saturdays" events at the Brooklyn Museum. There was a celebration of the Caribbean community, and everyone came out and represented their flag.

Be Encouraged,