Travel: I Made it Through! My 1st Year in New York City

Ladies and Gents, I made it through my first year in New York City! Can I get a round of applause, please?
My oh my, how time has flown. Little did I know that I could survive in the city that never sleeps, and even make it through a whole year. Reminds me of the lyrics to the Marvin Sapp song" I made it through". I experienced some storms and rains, heartaches and pains; but I'm still alive declaring, I made it through". Yes Lord, I did.

I've experienced some test and trials, but the good has outweighed the bad. Within the past year, I have had the opportunity to work for a communications department at Columbia University, a nonprofit which provides personal/professional growth support to foster children, to a big family restaurant within the World Trade Center . I got to participate in my first video shoot ( getting so tipsy, I forgot was at a video shoot and not a party),  and even got lost in the hip neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I have come across some really good people, some different people., and some I don't even have a word for. They are still God's children though. I made it through, yes I did.

I am so happy I trusted myself, put my trust in God, and took a leap of faith. There were a few times I thought about going back home to Boston ( or shall I say many of times), but I stuck it out and persevered. I was driven by God's grace, family, friends, my readers,and even you reading this right now. All of you have encouraged me, and have helped to keep me going. With that said, thank you.

To another year in New York, or will it be someplace else? Who knows. I'll keep you posted.

Be Encouraged,



  1. I think that’s so gutsy! I always wanted to just move but i was so nervous and really just undecided lol


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