Wellness: 2 Years Natural to Texlaxed hair... My First Texlax Experience

"Texlax" is a relaxing process where the hair that is being chemically processed, is deliberately under-processed. Some stylists suggest this process to a client, if the client does not want fully straight hair, and also to prevent long term weakening and damage. Relaxers used for texlaxed hair, are normally mild-normal (containing oils such as olive oil), and the duration of the relax process is shorter.  The in between time of touch ups can also be extended beyond 4-6 weeks, ayour hair does not need to be touched up often. After two years of preventive styles and natural styles (wigs, crochet, weaving, and braids), I decided to relax my hair. Little did I know that I would end up with a texlax. 

Flashback to six weeks ago, I knew nothing about Texlaxed hair. I bought regular strength, no-lye relaxer with olive oil (trying to justify the chemical process); and my stylist applied the relaxer as normal. After the relaxer was in for about 20 minutes, the relaxer was rinsed out, and I saw loose curls hanging down in my face. I felt in my roots and the roots were soft and straight. But my curl, it was looser, not straight at all. "What the heck I thought? My curl pattern really changed. Or we must've not left it in long enough". Either way, the relaxer couldn't stand against my hair (God Bless my roots). After my stylist blew out my hair, he straightened it with a flatiron and the roots were still straight with curly ends. I ended up having  to conduct my own research on under-processed hair and how to manage it, because you cannot reverse a relaxer. And this my friends,  is how I found out about "texlax".  For more information on texlaxed hair, the process, and products that can be used for texlaxed hairsee the links below 

 I have to say, I am grateful for how my hair turned out. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Though I was a bit disappointed at first, I am now in love with the texture of my hair and it's manageability. I thought I wanted it "bone straight", but I am so happy it isn't. For the past six weeks, I have worn braid-outsponytails. I only applied heat with my flatiron about 2-3 times. I also use great products that help to promote healthy, moisturized, texlaxed hair. 

Be Encouraged,