Lifestyle: Charcoal, Witch Hazel & Aloe Vera for Oily Skin?

The change of seasons take a toll on my skin, especially my face. During the fall and winter seasons, my face tends to be a bit dry (especially around the nose and mouth area), and during the warmer seasons, my skin can get very oily around the t-zone I think a Skin Care specialist would say "I have combination skin". This means  that my face is dry, oily, and all the above. But no worries  here, there's always a way to better, healthier skin. I am going to get my combination skin corrected, and I'm here to help you too. To healthy,  fresh, young –looking skin. See below for my summer facial regimen. 

To cleanse my skin I use a charcoal exfoliating face wash. The face wash contains active charcoal (a common ingredient featured in many skincare products today), which helps  deep clean and exfoliate the skin. The bottle that I have is about five ounces (from CVS's beauty 360 product line), and cost me $3.99. To begin; I rinse my face with warm water,  rub the exfoliator into/all over my face (using circular motions), and rinse with warm water again. 
As my toner I use T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel. The formula is a light astringent , 100 % all natural, and contains a combination of extract from the witch hazel plant. Witch Hazel is a cleanser, and also acts as an inflammatory. It helps  to reduce redness, irritation, and scarring from acne. After washing and drying my face,  I add a few drops of witch hazel to a cotton pad, and dab the pad all over my face. After doing this, I take a cotton swab, and apply the astringent directly on my blemishes. Tea tree oil is also good for acne and blemishes. If you are using 100% tea tree oil,  it is important that the oil is diluted with water prior to using. See here for more information on tea tree oil for acne. 
Last week I walked upon a fruit vendor, and there were big plants of Aloe Vera leaves on display for $1. I didn’t know too much about the plant, but was not going to let this deal pass me by. I had heard that the plant is good for your body and also had a number of uses. I grabbed a leaf,  came home, and did some of my own research. I later learned that the juice inside the plant is what contained all the power. From soothing sunburn, to aiding heartburn and digestion, and even exfoliation of the skinThe juice inside the plant also acts as a moisturizer, soothing and softening the skin. It is light, and refreshing, and works well for the summer season. I cut a piece of the plant, slice it in half, and rub the juice of the insides of the plant on my face. I then lightly pat my face  with a paper towel to wipe off excess liquid and pulp. 
At least, 8 glasses a day. Hydration goes along way. But you already knew this, right? :) 

Be Encouraged,