Travel: 9 Months in NYC

Ladies and Gents, I made it to nine months in New York. I am the woman who eats $1 slices of pizza on the train, with a can of seltzer in the other hand. I jog rather than walk to get to my destination, and no longer am impatient when the trains experience a 20-30 min delay or run on another track. I avoid Times Square, and try my best to stay in the borough I live in because from where I live, all the other boroughs can be pretty far. I am used to getting bumped into on the street, because the city is overcrowded and everyone is just trying to get to where they have to go. I am grinding, hustling, and finding my way. Jay Z and Alicia Keys said it best, "Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. "Is New York, Concrete? Yes. A Jungle? Yes. But there are many other things New York is too. New York is a place of opportunity, a place of go-getting There is so much to do, and so much to see. Most are striving to become something and make a living. Make it ahead in life.  

From February to April of this year, I was out of work. Though I enjoyed having the time off, I have to admit those three months were some trying months. I had completed a contract with my former job (working in a communications department for a university for international students ), and thereafter was back on my search. I needed a new job and needed something that could provide steady income, while also being flexible enough for me to work on my writing"Oh the life of a writer..." 

 After submitting many applications (at least 5-6 a day), reaching out to staffing agencies, and landing interviews I had no interest interviewing for; I started to feel unsure and confused. I began feeling  frustrated and doubt tried to creep in. I fought against the doubt and kept applying, kept writing, and  working on my  website. I would not be defeated, and would not let myself stay down. Towards the end of April I shared my feelings with my mom and she said, "You have to Network" On the 27th of April (my third month out of work), I let my guard down and text and emailed  a few people I knew in New York. That same day two of my acquaintances got back to me, and I was interviewed, hired, and on-boarded the following week. Glory be to God, and thanks so much to my mom for her support and advice. 

So here I am, nine months later I am working two completely different jobs in comparison to the line of work I used to do, and still am familiarizing myself with the city I  wanted to experience work within a new industry( the food industry/ hospitality to be exact), and also spend some time working with youth and women in addition to my writing. God made it possible so I get to work in all threeI am enjoying these experiences very much, and am learning new things and meeting new people. will also  continue to tour around the city, and still have a variety of places and thing's I'd like to see on my bucket list during my time here. 

With this said my friends; If you have a dream, follow it, if you have a goal, stay true to it. All will work out, just keep pushing on. Obstacles may come your way, and things may try to distract youbut as long as you work hard and focus on the goal ahead, you will make it through.  I am making it,  and so will you. 
Be Encouraged,



  1. Hi Noelani,
    Your words are so encouraging! I really needed to hear/read them! It is good to see a believer of His doing such great things in this world! It takes a ton of courage to write about your beliefs and you have truly stayed true to them as well! I am inspired by your articles and most importantly, your faith! Thank you for your words!!!


    1. Dear Norma,

      I am blessed that you are encouraged by my words. I am happy that you found my blog, and that it is doing what it is exactly intended for. It is people like you who inspire me to write, and keep going. May you be blessed and keep the faith. He knows the plans he has for us <3


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