Lifestyle: Peace in Inspirational Music

 I am a Music Lover. Let me say that again. " I am a Music Lover". No matter the genre, Trap, Folk, R&B, Korean, African, Hip Hop; each genre evokes a different feeling in me. When I'm working out, I like to listen to trap, when I'm down or thinking about a romance, I listen to R&B. Can anyone relate? But what do you listen to when you need some uplifting? positivity? a higher hope? encouragement? What type of genre of music evoke these feelings?

My mother recently visited me this past week in NY, and I admired her playlist as every day when she woke up in the morning, and before she went to bed; she listened to gospel. Throughout the day she would turn on her music, and it was like she was just gliding through the day. She seemed so peaceful. So content.  I asked her if listening to gospel and her encouraging sermons, made a difference in her life; and of course she responded with a " YES". I wanted to experience this feeling. I mean I felt okay already, but this inner peace my mom had gained over the years could be none other than God. She said with prayer, and keeping herself in tune with positive and uplifting music, her life felt more at ease. Ya'll know I had to do my research to create my own playlist.

While working on my playlist (including some songs recommended by mommy), this past week I tried listening to it in the morning and evening, and I have to say I have been feeling so content and relaxed. A family member of mines is very sick and going through at the moment, but with prayer, bible reading, and listening to the gospel; I feel more at ease knowing that God has a plan for all of our lives, and that worrying will not do anything. 

With this said, it is okay to listen to different types of music and watch different shows; but what you put into your spirit is what comes out. Though the day can be stressful, how you start and end is very important. When your feeling down, a song about bitc*es and hoes might sound good, but not too sure if it can help shed a positive light in your spirit. Mix your playlist up with some inspiration, whether it be gospel, meditation music, motivation; I'm telling you, you will experience a difference. If you would like to listen to my playlist, I have copied it below for your reference. 

Be Encouraged,


(Click each song for link)