Lifestyle: Beauty Review: The Signature Nail System

I stopped wearing acrylic nails last summer 2016. It got to a point where I was spending too much money on upkeep, the fumes from the nail salon were killing me, and in reality, my natural nails were suffering.

I could feel the pressure of the acrylic, pressing firmly against my nail with the assistance of the clear poison, nail glue. My natural nails were screaming, "Free Me! Free Me! ". It was time to give those "coffin nails up". Plus, on a good day, it only took me about 15 minutes to button up my shirt.

Fast forward 7 months later, I am painting my own nails and rarely go to the nail salon. I get a pedicure once-twice a month, and try to keep my nails decent (a manicure every so often). However; while painting my own nails, my daily struggle is the chipping and having to apply polish every other say. I wash dishes, I clean, I cook, exercise; my hands get dirty. I tried the whole glove thing, but in reality, I forget to put them on or don't have any. It wasn't until I complimented my neighbor's manicure, and asked her how she kept her nail polish from chipping. Her nails were nicely done, and as my grandmother would say," A lady always take care of her skin, nails, and body."Until this day, I'm like "GG, your feet look better than mine."

Anyways, my neighbor mentioned that she went to the salon, and tried the Signature Nail System.
The Signature Nail system is a nail dipping system that uses a brush on-gel base on the nail, which is then dipped in powder. The powder comes in a variety of colors ranging from natural, french manicure, and many other colors. It is odor-free( no fumes), and there is no use of glue, or a UV light. It is a 30-45 minute process, and cost $35-$40. The client has the option of adding acrylic to their nail, then have it dipped in powder, or directly apply the powder to their own natural nail ( I chose this option).

The technician starts with the brush on gel, lays a coat on one of your finger nails; and then dips the nail in the powder. This step is carried out onto to each finger nail, and the process is repeated, four times. The nails are slightly filed and buffed, and then your hands are dusted off with a powder brush.

 The powder is then sealed with a pre-bonded solution, and overlaid with a top coat of the system's clear "top coat" gel- polish. Finally, you are sat under a nail dryer for 8-10 minutes, and your hands are rinsed under warm water. All done! This manicure can last from up to 2-3 1/2 weeks. Thank me later :)

(See below for my SNS manicure. This is 6 days later)

Be Encouraged,