Travel: Lost in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Yesterday afternoon I got lost in New York. Yes, after living here for six months;I finally got lost. Could you believe it?

 I was scheduled for a doctor's appointment at 11:40 am on Broadway street, and two hours later, I was still trying to find my way. I had put my trust in google maps, not thinking about how many Broadway streets there are in New York; Broadway (Manhattan), Broadway (Queens), and Broadway (Brooklyn). I ended up going to Broadway street all the way in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, instead of Manhattan where I was supposed to be. Silly me.

Three hours later, I made it to my appointment (thank goodness for the receptionist that rescheduled me, and a good cup of Joe). Though I was a bit overwhelmed from my lack of direction, and the fact of being lost; I found my way and was able to do some walking around Williamsburg  and catch a few photos (see below). I even saw a few ads in a real estate agency advertising one bedrooms for 1500 or less. Who knows ? I might get a place in Williamsburg one day . 

To learn more about Williamsburg, Brooklyn click here . And for all of you thinking about moving to the Big City , don't let getting lost scare you. You might just stumble upon a new adventure.

Be Encouraged,


Lost Coffee
Setting: Blank Cafe

Block Heads 
Setting: Parking Lot

Sometimes I Wonder..... 
Setting: Bedford Ave

The Conjuring 
Setting: A Lonely Street

The Unknown
Setting: Restaurant Roof

If Bikes Could Talk
Setting: A Random Pole in Williamsburg


  1. Love the pictures, when I first moved to Boston I would leave the house with the intent of getting lost. From that, I found my favorite sushi place.

  2. Thanks Korin. Thanks for also sharing your own personal experience. Who doesn't love sushi? Ha


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