Travel: My Second month in NYC. I landed a job!!!

November 3rd, 2016 was a very special day. It was my birthday, and also my second month anniversary living in New York. There was much to celebrate, and I sure did have a good time.  From Coconut Mojitos at Don Coqui in Inwood, to hanging out at the RARE view Rooftop bar on top of the Hilton in the Fashion District. I enjoyed myself :)

Last I spoke with you all; I was job searching and touring the city. Unfortunately, I haven't spent much time exploring as I landed a job at an International School, and am working in Publishing and Special Events. I had given myself  approximately three months time frame to land a job, and God is good. I landed a job my second month. Yaaay. With prayer, and determination, God did it. He did it for me, and with persistence and determination, he will do it for you too.

I have to admit while searching on my own, the search got a little bit nerve-racking, but God reminded me that he had plans to prosper me and not destroy. Though I had faith I would land a job, I also had to play my part and get on my groove. I shopped for interview clothes, allotted myself two - three hours a day to job hunt, spent much time at the library, attended networking events, and reached out to various staffing agencies. I share some tips below that helped me during my search as a reference for others. Feel free to add any comments if you have any tips as well.

1. If you plan to search for a job after your transition, try to have an idea of the work you have interest in, or the field you want to contribute to, beforehand.This work could be relative to your background experience, or a new found interest. This will help narrow down your search, and allow you to focus on one or two things, instead of becoming overwhelmed and searching all over the place.

2. Invest in a journal/planner, and get yourself a nice pen to keep track of the jobs you apply to, a briefing of the position description, and person of contact. Keep this journal handy so your prepared and ready when a job follows up on your interest.
3. Network, Network, Network. I mentioned this in my previous post. Know a friend or family member living in New York, who works someplace you have interest in? Invite them out for coffee, or give them a call. It never hurts to share your search with others as you never know, who knows who. Posting on social media is also a big help, as that friend- of- a friend may know someone who is hiring. Linkedin and Facebook are two great resources.
4. Research and contact at least 2-3 Staffing agencies (This is how I landed my job). You will appreciate having a third eye during your search, as many agencies have a strong network/rapport with other companies, and can help you land that job that probably wouldn't hire you if you were standalone.
5. Always carry 1-3 copies of your resume in a portfolio or binder. You never know who you will meet along the way, or if you will pass by a store/ business/ hotel that is hiring.
6. On a budget and need interviewing clothes? Check out thrift stores like Goodwill for slacks and button ups. If you have no luck there; try budget-friendly retail stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx.
7. Interviewing skills not the best? Look for interviewing tips online, and practice in the mirror. Just be sure not to sound too rehearsed once the interview comes around. Interviewees want someone who is confident, stands tall, and is self-assured.
8. Want ways to earn quick money, while still searching? There are plenty of "at home" jobs you can contribute to, to earn some extra cash.This could be working as a dog-walker,online tutor, shopping for others and etc. See link below for other ideas.

Be Encouraged,