Editors Note : I am Grateful!!! Fun, Fearless, and 28 (Happy Birthday to me!)

I am truly grateful, and thankful to be alive. Today is my birthday, and I am 28 years old. “Who would’ve thought?” says my mom. She can’t believe her first baby is now 28 and making moves to venture the world. “Riding the waves, and following the sea”, is what my journey consists of. I don’t know exactly where I am sailing out to, but I know the future holds fulfilling and prosperous living.

 These 27 years have had their share of ups and downs, but with God on my side; I have made it through. I am stronger, I am fearless, I am happy, I am proud.  I have God, I have my family, friends, food on the table and a warm place to live. What more can a woman ask for. Oh, maybe shoes, and an iced latte.  Any who, I am grateful!

 Happy Birthday to Me! To new beginnings ……. :)

Be Encouraged 


(Want to celebrate with me? Get out there and vote on November 8.It takes a community<3)