Inclusion: When Mass Violence is Overlooked

Recently The New York Times analyzed and observed the nature of gun violence and multiple shootings nationwide, due to what seemed like a phenomenon of mass violence going unnoticed within the U.S .

They found that within the year of 2015, there were 358 shootings with four or more fatalities (including the suspect). They also found that most of these casualties occurred within black, low-income communities, outdoors; at basketball tournaments, family reunions, barbecues, music festivals, housing projects,movie theatres, and etc. This raised the question, “Why do many of the mass shootings that occur within black communities seem to be pushed aside?

As a young black woman who grew up within the low income community, this article touched home in many ways.  Growing up within the city of Boston, there have been a number of incidences that I have heard about or seen, where a number of people were either stabbed /shot, or  in a fight/brawl , that lead to a serious injury or death; that didn’t get much coverage as it should have, or wasn’t followed up on. Could the reasoning of this be that it occurs so often that the media and government feels like it is too much to cover?  Or is that the communities that endure much of this violence aren’t doing enough within their communities to make change?

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