Travel: 20 Essential items for a first time eco-traveler

Next Month, I will take my first trip as a Eco-Tourist/Volun-Tourist to Hawaii. I will volunteer on a eco-sustainable resort as a fair-trade volunteer; weeding,cleaning, gardening, tending to chickens, and other tasks; in exchange for affordable lodging and amenities.

 In my spare time, I will hike through volcano trails, visit local attractions; and go swimming of course. I heard the black sand beaches are amazing.As far as lodging, I will either stay in a tent, or  hut; which explains why I  thought I would share my list of essential items needed for the trip. See below for what I'm bringing along.


1.Medium sized durable backpack Wherever you are going, you want your hands to be free. Getting on the plane, transitioning through layovers, hiking; a backpack makes it easier to carry things around. My backpack has a lap-top compartment, and can also fit my journal, snacks, and travel size items.Most airlines allow a backpack in addition to your carry-on without fees (check the guidelines if you are unsure).

2.Expandable Carry on suitcase (Make sure your carry on is within airline requirements)
3.Laptop & Charger You can still Netflix & Chill while your away. You may not get service though :( Find out if  your service provider offers a hot spot option for connectivity.
4.Mosquito tent I purchased the tent above off of Amazon. This is great to put over your sleeping area in a location where there are many mosquitoes. This tent can fit over a cot or sleeping bag.It cost me about 10 bucks.
5.Insect Repellent Mosquito Wipes On my search for repellent options, mosquito wipes seemed to come up as the best option . These wipes can fit in your backpack, without the concern of airline liquid requirements. I purchased  two Cutter All Family 15 Count Insect Repellent Mosquito Wipes and will pack them in a ziplock bag.
6. Snacks Trail Mix, Granola bars, Nuts, and popcorn are always good snacks. Pack away snack packs for on the go.
7.Sleeping Mask Rest your eyes on the plane. These blindfolds are soft, and small enough to fit anywhere.
8. Rain Jacket, Leggings/Joggers, and Hiking Shoes Your going to be doing a lot of walking, and climbing; in all types of weather. Get ready.
9.Book  Reading brings peace, that's why I'm bringing along my Bible, and another reading book. Be encouraged, be inspired. Get off your phone, and take your mind on an imaginary trip. Plus.... "Don't you think you need to save your phone battery?"
10.Journal Document your experiences.
11. Universal Dual USB Charger Power Adapter  Eco-Traveler's are energy savers.Hook up your phone charger to your computer.
12.Sunscreen Be sure to look for a sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher
13.Bottle of water Chapstick Stay Hydrated. I don't have water in the image above, but water is a necessity. Stock up on a few bottles of water upon arrival to your destination.
14. Sunglasses For islands like Hawaii,you want sunglasses that are rated at blocking 85% -100% of UV radiation. Keep your eyes protected.
15. Cruelty Free / Biodegradable soap or Bodywash Protect your skin, and the environment,
16. Travel Waist Wallet This traveling wallet goes over the waist, and can fit your passport, cash, and cards. Very handy, and safe; and you don't have to keep going in your purse/backpack.
17.Luggage lock You never know who, or what is around you. Protect your items, and lock up your bag.
18. Toothbrush & Toothpaste Remember that bottle of water of I talked about earlier. Your gonna need that :)
19.Insect Bite Cream  No one likes to get bit;however, it's very likely you will get knicked by something while your out. I purchased Cutter Bite MD Insect Bite Relief for calming my bites.
20. Bathing Suit/Trunks  Being a Eco-Tourist, you never know when you'll come across a swimming area or nice body of water. Just make sure to be careful, and don't go to deep!

 For more information on eco- travel destinations see here.

 Be encouraged,