Inclusion: Five Inexpensive Ways for Singles & Couple’s to Celebrate this Valentine’s Day

1.Words from the heart:
Write a poem for a crush, or to a loved one. The Paper Store/ Marshalls has lovely crafty paper to write notes, or letters. This is a thoughtful, yet no cost gift that is sure to make someone feel special. You can roll it up and put in a nice glass bottle, to add a special touch. 

If you are single: Write a poem to yourself or to your ideal partner. This may sound silly, but you can post it up and it will always be a reminder of your love for yourself, or what you want in a partner.

Sometimes going out to a spa can be expensive. Grab some essential oils, some olive oil/ baby oil/shea butter, and create your own massage oil. Place the oil in a bowl, and nuke in the microwave for 30 seconds. Give your partner a massage, and make sure you get one back :)

For my singles, you can do this as well and pamper yourself. As they say, “Self Love is the best love” so why not. Soak your feet, light some candles, and when your feet is dry; use your massage oil to moisturize. If you want to visit a spa, check out as they often have discounted rates on massages. Massage envy also has a special deal for First Time visitors. See here.

FYI Essential oils are very strong and can irritate the skin if too much is used. You only need 1-2 drops.

3.Try a new recipe
There are three meals in a day (excluding dessert ha). This means if you can’t or don’t cook lunch or dinner, you definitely can make breakfast. Create a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast for you, or someone else. Red Velvet waffles are always fun. All you need is a waffle maker, and red velvet cake mix. Check here for easy recipes.

4.Netflix and Chill
We all like a good movie sometime (especially if we have someone to cuddle with). Rent a movie from the red box (Stop&Shop, Shaws), or put on a good movie from Netflix. Grab a blanket, pop some popcorn, and cozy up on the couch. After the movie is done…. Well that’s up to you.

5.Paint Nite at the Crib
So after a few years of this trending activity, I have yet to experience this at a venue for myself. I always figured it would be more fun for me to do this at home, with my own bottle of wine, and paint.

Grab a poster board for you and your partner, and two trays of watercolor paint. This will run you about $10.00-15.00 from CVS or Walgreens. Get you a bottle of wine, or champagne (strawberries too if you like), and set a space up for you to paint in the house. Make sure to put some newspaper down wherever you are painting, so you won’t get it everywhere. 

Be Encouraged,